May 30, 2012

raccoon country

I’m disappointed to report that during the time I lived in bear country, the most menacing form of nature I ever faced while walking home in the middle of the night was an obese raccoon that had a staredown with me.

May 29, 2012

redcoat (finished version)

I just wanted to put this one up because the old one made me cringe.

It's based on James Wyeth's Lighthouse

May 28, 2012


Once a week in the Georgian Era sailors had a laundry day where they washed and embroidered their clothes. (I was reading The Ionian Mission and it was on Tuesday I think, but it varied ship-to-ship.) The embriodered shore-going rig was kind of a status symbol; more embroidery = manlier sailor or so I heard...but the image of several hundred sailors embroidering was kind of too good to pass up.

just wanted an excuse to colour something insanely bright and saturated.

(also updating my blog BE PROUD OF ME PEOPLE)